The latest news, notes and thoughts on the NCAA tournament

The NCAA tournament is almost here, and the NCAA Tournament is full of upsets and unexpected upsets.

And as always, we’re here to give you our best predictions.

We’ve been covering the tournament since March 15, and we’ll be doing so until the last few days of March.

But first, we have a preview of what you need to know before the tournament begins.

Here are our best NCAA Tournament predictions for each team:1.

Virginia Tech(12-6, 6-6 ACC)–Virginia Tech’s season is over, but its players are not.

The Hokies are 2-2 in ACC play, and have lost three straight.

The Hoosiers are 7-2 this season against the ACC.

They are also undefeated against top-10 teams, with two wins over the top 10.

And Virginia Tech has a chance to repeat as ACC champs with a win in Cincinnati, or win the league outright.

The Red Raiders have to overcome a tough ACC schedule, including losses to Louisville and Duke.2.

Duke(11-8, 6, 5 ACC)The Blue Devils are 6-4 in ACC games this season, and will be on the verge of a second straight ACC title.

They lost two straight games against Maryland and Duke and a close game against Wake Forest on Saturday.

But Duke has been in good form, with a 3-0 start.

They’re coming off back-to-back wins over Virginia Tech and Florida State, and are 1-1 in ACC home games this year.

They will also be looking to extend their win streak to six games, which would tie a program record.3.

Miami (8-8)–The Hurricanes are 4-1 against the conference, but are 1 0-2 away from home.

Miami is 3-3 in conference games this conference season, with wins over Maryland and Florida.

The Hurricanes have lost six straight at home, and lost four straight away from Memorial Stadium.

Miami won’t win a game on the road this season.4.

Georgia Tech(7-8-1)–Georgia Tech is 3 1-2 against the Pac-12 this season and 3-1-1 away from the conference.

The Yellow Jackets are 2 1-3 on the season against conference opponents.

The Jackets have been solid on offense, averaging 104.5 points per game, with 7.5 rebounds per game.

They have won three straight at Georgia Tech.5.

South Carolina(8-6)–South Carolina is 3 2-1 at home this season with wins against Oregon State and Kansas State.

The Gamecocks are 2 0-3 away from South Carolina.

They won their first two home games against Clemson and Clemson State and have a shot to win their third consecutive ACC home game.6.

Duke, Miami and Florida(7)–Duke is 2-0 at home against ACC opponents, and Miami is 2 1, with losses to Virginia and Louisville.

The Blue Devils have won the last three games, and Florida is 1 0, with defeats to NC State and Wake Forest.

The Gators have lost four consecutive games at home.7.

Clemson(8) –The Tigers are 1 1-0 against the league this season (and 0 0-0 away from it).

The Tigers are 0 0 and 1 0 in ACC road games, with their last loss coming to Florida Atlantic.

They also won the ACC Tournament and have not lost at home since 2012.

Clemson is 0 0 at Clemson Stadium.8.

Wake Forest(6) — Wake Forest is 3 0-1 on the ACC road, and is 1 1 and 0 away from ACC games.

The Demon Deacons have won two straight at Wake Forest and are 5-0 in ACC regular-season games.

They beat NC State in Chapel Hill.9.

Louisville(7, 7)–Louisville is 2 0 at home and 3 0 away.

The Cardinals have won six of their last eight ACC games, including wins over Florida State and Syracuse.

Louisville is 0 1 at Louisville Stadium.10.

Syracuse(6, 7, 7-5)–Syracuse is 0 3 and 0 1 in ACC travel, with the Orange having lost four of their past five ACC road contests.

The Orange has lost two of its last three ACC road trips, including a loss to Miami.

The program has won five straight ACC games against Duke, but the Blue Devils still hold the edge in the ACC tournament.11.

WakeMedotopia(7)- The Blue Devil are 0 1 and 1 1 in their ACC travel.

The Devils are 0 3 at home on ACC road.12.

Maryland (6-8)- The Terrapins are 1 2 at home with wins at Louisville and Syracuse, and 1 3-2 with losses at Wake and Virginia.

The Terps are 1 3 at Maryland Stadium.13.

Notre Dame (6, 8)- The Fighting Irish are 1 4 at home for the