When mom and pops don’t have a home to call their own, the back-and-forth takes place

After two decades of waiting, the family of a woman in Ohio is finally getting the break they deserve.

Kelsey Stoll, who was arrested after she and her son left their back-to-back motel room in 2015, was given a second chance by the Columbus-based National Homeownership Trust, a nonprofit organization that works to make home ownership affordable for the middle class.

After being in prison for 15 months, Stoll is now being returned to her Ohio home after being given a loan.

Stoll’s father, Dave Stoll of Toledo, is a certified real estate appraiser.

She has a $1.6 million home and had to pay off her student loans.

But her attorney, Matthew Fazio, says it was the loan that saved her.

Fazio said he’s proud of the fact that the Stoll family is able to get the help they need and that Stoll will be able to rebuild her life after leaving prison.

He said she has a great job at an investment firm, and she has been able to make money in other ways as well.

“I think the real benefit to the Stolls is that they got a second opportunity, and I think the rest of us will be in the same position,” Fazian said.

Stoll was arrested for domestic violence against her son, who is in the Army.

The two have a son and a daughter.

She was sentenced to two years in prison and was placed on house arrest after her release.

But when she was released from prison in March, she started applying for homeownership loans.

She eventually was able to receive a $2,000 loan from the National Homeowner Trust.

The loan was approved and the Stolebs moved into their home.

“The house is just a home and we live in it, and we’re proud of that,” said Dave Stoltz, Kelsey’s father.

But she had to take out a second mortgage on the house, and that has resulted in her being evicted from the home and has made it difficult to maintain the home.

Fazi said that’s because the loan is not for her to maintain, and it’s not eligible for bankruptcy protection.

Fizio said Kelsey has been living in the back of a van for about a year, and he’s not sure if she’ll be able get another loan.

He also said the Stoltzes can’t afford to buy a home in Columbus.

“We’ve been working on that, and they’ve been doing that since before the last time we lost her, so we’re hoping to get another opportunity,” Fizio added.

Stolts mother said she’s been able for years to pay for her son’s college and medical bills, and Kelsey recently started paying rent.

Fizi said Kelseys mother also pays the mortgage on her house, but she can’t pay off that because of a federal law that allows banks to provide a home equity line of credit.

“You’re kind of stuck with it, but you have a lot of other things to do besides pay rent,” Fizzi said.

Fitzi said he plans to appeal Kelseys eviction, but it’s likely that the loan would not be approved.

Fizzio said the Ohio Department of Housing and Urban Development has told him that Kelsey is eligible for the federal Homeowners’ Rebuild program, which would allow her to purchase a home, buy her own property and help her rebuild her finances.