Which are the most popular lodges in Australia?

Lodging World’s latest lodging market report has found Australia is home to the most number of lodges per person.

The latest report from the lodging industry shows Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth have the highest number of accommodation establishments per person with the average lodging home having 3 bedrooms.

The average accommodation business has three bedrooms per dwelling.

The report also found there are 7.6 million lodgers and 2.2 million businesses with more than 50,000 lodgers.

A lodger’s average income ranges from $23,000 to $35,000 per year and there are 6,300 lodgers in Victoria who earn more than $150,000.

There are about 9,000 licensed hotels and motels with 1,800 lodgers registered with the ACT Government.

The industry says the average annual lodger salary is $80,000, but a few places in Melbourne have higher salaries.

“The industry has consistently seen occupancy rates increase and that is what drives occupancy rates,” LodgingWorld CEO and CEO of Australia’s Leading Lodging Industry, Tim O’Reilly said.

“We are a strong performer in terms of occupancy and we’re seeing a steady stream of businesses that are closing or relocating.”

We see occupancy rates continue to rise across the country.

“The latest lodgers report is the result of a survey conducted by the lodging association in May.

A total of 2,000 Australian lodgers answered the survey about their experience living in lodges.

The data shows a median income of $88,000 and there is a median lodger age of 30.

There is also a high level of unemployment and low household income.

There were 3,000 businesses with a lodging owner, and 3,200 lodgers with an owner with at least one full-time employee.

A recent increase in lodgers is the latest sign that the industry is on the upswing.

A large part of the lodgers rise in occupancy is attributed to people who are moving out of the city.

There was a 20 per cent rise in hotel occupancy, with more people moving into regional cities.