Bedrooms to buy for rent online

An online room-share service has opened for rent in Jerusalem.

The program, called “Beddings for Rent,” was launched on Friday.

It offers rooms to rent for one night for $75.

There are also apartments for $120 per night.

The online rental service is run by a group of people with different backgrounds, including the head of the Jerusalem Bedouin community, Nael Shihab.

The Bedouins, who live in the Jerusalem area, are among the most marginalized groups in Israel.

They live in areas that are under military and police control.

Many of the Bedouis live in a small, shabby building, the Shifa, which has no electricity, running water or sewage service.

They often live on the street, without access to sanitation or toilets.

They are also often poor, with few jobs and no economic prospects.

The new program allows the Bedous to rent a room for one day for $100 a night.

It is available in different neighborhoods in Jerusalem, including areas of Ashkelon, Negev, the occupied West Bank, and Beit Shemesh.

The organization says it is an attempt to help the Bedoulins, a minority in Jerusalem and its environs, as well as to provide them with the services that they need to survive.

“We hope that it will give the Bedouls hope that they will be able to find housing, food, health care, education, and a job, so that they can continue to pursue their dreams,” said Shihib, who is also the chairman of the Ashkelons Shifas Board of Committees, the governing body of the city’s Shifatim Bedouim community.

In the past, some Bedoui families have been forced to move to the outskirts of Jerusalem, while others have opted for new areas, which often lack infrastructure.

The new program will provide them a new place to live, said Shifab, who started the service after she met a couple who had moved to the Ashkhabad neighborhood.

“I decided to offer them a place to rent online, as we have not been able to get a lease yet.”

The service is currently available in Beit Shif at the entrance of the Shifot neighborhood.

There, the rooms range in price from $120 to $180 per night and include a TV, internet, and free wi-fi.

A “basic” room costs $100.

The Shifos Bedouens are also participating in the project.

“We hope to continue this initiative to help people in the future,” said Nael, who plans to expand the program to other neighborhoods.

“It will help us, as the Bedounis, to move further away from the city.

It will also give us a chance to live in peace and security.”

A Bedouinic woman, who requested to remain anonymous, said the idea of renting online came from her brother.

“He said he wanted to rent an apartment for his wife and children, but he cannot find an apartment,” she said.

“So he decided to do this online, to give them the opportunity to live anywhere in Jerusalem.”