How to rent a room for free for a week or two in Melbourne’s CBD

If you’re looking to rent out a room at a weekend, you might be surprised to learn you can do it for less than $200.

Melbourne-based housing website Real Homey has a list of some of the best properties to rent in the CBD.

If you’re in a budget, you can also rent out your apartment for a year for $350 per month or rent for $500 a month.

If that’s not enough to satisfy you, there’s also an option to rent an entire home for $1000 per week.

“If you want to stay in a home that’s a bit more traditional for the duration of the rental, we can rent out the entire property for up to six months for $250 a week,” Real Homeys director of operations, Laura Pinto said.

“And then we can also do a little more on the interior.”

She said the option was great for people looking to stay at home for a while.

“You’re really putting your foot down and you’re getting away from your job, and you’ve got a home, you’re comfortable, you have your kids, you’ve had a lot of good things happen to you,” Ms Pinto explained.

“So you’re not going to be overwhelmed by all of these things that you might otherwise experience.”

In other words, the rent is just a way to enjoy a little respite.

She said it’s worth a try, but not for everyone.

“We’re not a luxury apartment, so we have to do a lot to make sure that people aren’t really upset by having a mortgage on their home and not getting a job,” Ms Vincenzo said.

For example, you won’t be able to rent your own place, but Ms Pincenoz said they were able to arrange a place for you.

“Sometimes we have the house, sometimes we have a place that we rent out,” Ms Plenzo explained.

The cost is the same for the two-bedroom unit, which is around $1,000 a month, and the three-bedroom apartment, which starts at $2,000.

But the rent isn’t that expensive for someone who is in a good financial situation.

“There’s definitely more of a ‘living wage’ in Melbourne,” Ms Ticino said.

If the average household income is $70,000, the average rental cost is around half a million dollars.

“I would estimate that this kind of income is going to last you about a year,” Ms Stucchi said.

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