How to rent a room in a hotel

Carmel motel in Washington, D.C. is offering free room sharing for those who can’t afford a hotel room, according to an online booking system.

The reservation can be made online at the hotel and can be confirmed through the booking process.

The website lists several hotels in the city, including the hotel of the same name.

The site states that the rooms are available for rent for a week from January 11 to January 14.

The cost per night is $1,700, according the booking system, and the site does not indicate whether it’s a standard hotel room or an option to rent out an entire room.

The website has not said how many rooms are being rented for free.

Several states have introduced legislation to make hotel room sharing free.

The bill in Montana and New York, for example, have both included provisions that would make room sharing at hotel-type rentals free.