When a Host Family Found Itself in an Unfriendly Situational Vacuum

by Jenna Mathers-KirkpatrickThe host family’s new apartment is filled with toys and knick-knacks and the family has already become a household of sorts. 

As the mother of a toddler and a couple of year olds, the family needed a place to stay while their other kids were in college and the parents were looking for a place of their own to stay. 

The family settled on the town of Kincardine in the north-east of Scotland. 

It was a place with good quality housing and good facilities, and the mother’s partner was happy to stay and work there, but the father was not. 

After months of searching, the host family found a room in a small, old house with a flat-screen TV and a small kitchenette. 

“We were quite happy with it,” says the mother, who is from the Midlands. 

She was in the process of moving to a new home when the house came under fire from residents in the nearby town of Dundee. 

When the house burned down, the mother and her partner decided to rent it out. 

They were surprised to find out that the owner was actually an abusive ex-husband, who had been living in Scotland for 10 years. 

He had taken over the family’s property after his ex-wife was killed by an angry mob. 

Despite the fact that the home was owned by an ex-spouse, the owner claimed he could not get his family to sign the tenancy agreement because it was written in a language he did not understand. 

So he broke into the home and assaulted the mother-in-law and her children. 

A few weeks later, he killed his wife and then himself. 

What happened next has left the family devastated and shocked, and they are now trying to sort out what they can do to make things right. 

This story originally appeared on and has been republished here with permission.