College students will be able to stay at their moms and pop motel and other places of need once again

In the coming months, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences will begin allowing students to stay in motels and motels for college and graduate students.

This move is part of a broader effort to help students stay in school while also providing support for students who need to leave campus.

The College of Medicine and Health Science is the only institution that does not offer college student accommodation and will provide limited accommodations. 

While the College has a program to help cover the cost of college students who are forced to move, there are other options for students to cover their own expenses. 

In the past, students could choose to move to a dorm or other residence halls in order to avoid living in a motel or other place of need. 

However, the new rules change that. 

Under the new regulations, students who want to stay with their mom or pop motel or hostel will have to stay there with the permission of the college. 

Students who want a more permanent arrangement, like a hotel, will be required to meet with the college and have their accommodation purchased. 

Additionally, the rules also require colleges to work with local landlords and hotel chains to help with costs. 

For more information about the changes, check out the College’s blog here. 

Also, in the coming weeks, the CUNY Office of Residential Tenancies will begin providing financial aid to students who can’t afford college.