This is what you need to know about student housing and student housing on campuses

The United States has a long history of housing housing discrimination and exclusion.

Today, there are over 6.2 million people living in poverty and a staggering 23.6 million homeless.

The cost of housing is now out of control.

Many students are living in overcrowded apartments and there are many students who do not have access to housing because of race, class, or income.

These students need access to affordable housing, and if you are a student and want to be able to help students like you, this is what your student housing needs to look like.

Below is a list of student housing resources that you should definitely know about.1.

New York City Housing Department:

National Housing Association: http:/

National Urban League: http/

The Center for American Progress: http5.

Housing Policy Center: http6.

Student Housing and Student Assistance: http7.

Urban Institute: http8.

American Association of University Professors: http9.

Housing Assistance Agency of New York: http10.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees: http11.

Housing Development Agency: http12.

American College Health Association: www.acahs.org13.

National Alliance for Youth: http14.

New American Economy: http15.

Student Loans For America: http16.

American Academy of Pediatrics: http17.

National Federation of Independent Business: http18.

National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities: http19.

New College Fund: http20.

National Coalition of College Women: http21.

American Housing Coalition: http22.

American Graduate Association: https://www

American Immigration Council: https23.

Housing Works Foundation: https24.

Student Lending Partnership: https25.

Housing Matters: http26.

Student Loan Hero: http27.

Student Aid Alliance: http28.

American Legislative Exchange Council: http29.

Student Government Association: http30.

Housing Choice Vouchers: http31.

Federal Housing Finance Agency: https://www

The American College Housing Council: 33.

Student Lifeline: http34.

Homeowner Resource Center: 35.

National Student Housing Alliance: https. 


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation: 37.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: https: http38.

Housing Affordability and Livability Act: 39.

National Consumer Law Center:  40.

National Fair Housing Coalition of New Jersey: http41.

National Partnership for Fair Housing: http42.

Housing Rights Project: 43.

New America Foundation: http44.

National Taxpayers Union: http45.

Student Debt Heroes: http46.

National Resource Center on Education: http47.

American Council of Trustees and Alumni: http48.

The National Housing Preservation Alliance: 49.

United Way of Greater New York State: http50.

Federal Reserve Bank of New Orleans: 51.

National Conference of State Legislatures: http52.

National Council of Teachers of Law: http53.

The Student Loan For America Project: http54.

National Women’s Law Center. 


The Housing Affords Coalition: 56.

National Organization of Women Lawyers: http57.

National Employment Law Project: https58.

National Education Association: 59.

Student Power Project: 60.

National Center for Education Statistics: http61.

Center for Student Debt Relief: http62.

The Partnership for New American Housing: 63.

American Red Cross: http64.

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation: 65.

Housing Justice Network: 66.

National Domestic Workers Alliance: 67.

National Black Women’s Coalition: 68.

The Economic Policy Institute: 69.

American Institute for Equal Opportunity: http70.

American Legal Aid Society: 71.

The Legal Aid Institute: 72.

American Civil Liberties Union: 73.

National Immigration Law Center, Inc.: 74.

National Economic Justice Center: https75.

National Family Law Center (NCLCL): http76.

National Lawyers Guild: http77.

National Legal Services Council: 78.

National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC): http79.

American Indian Legal Resource Center (ANILCR): http80.

National LGBTQ Task Force: 81.

American Family Voices: 82.

Legal Aid for New York – New York, Inc: 83.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund