Which Irish tourist hotspot has the best pub?

SAN DIEGO – Homestay San Diego has been voted as the best Irish tourist destination in the US for 2019.

The resort, which sits on a popular stretch of highway in the middle of San Diego, boasts some of the best pubs in the state and offers a great selection of food, drinks and cultural experiences.

Dublin, which is in Dublin’s southern suburbs, came second in the list.

San Diego is the second most popular city in the country and boasts the highest number of international visitors, with about 8 million people coming to San Diego each year.

While San Diego has a large number of attractions such as the International Space Station, the beaches and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, it is the resort that attracts the most visitors, especially for those coming for the San Diego Zoo and San Diego International Film Festival.

Although there is a small pool on the beach, it does not hold water.

More than 1,500 hotels, motels and resorts in the San Francisco Bay Area make up the San Diegos famous holiday community, and San Diegans are known to spend a large amount of time at homestays.

Many of these locations are popular destinations for the families, and visitors will often spend up to an hour at one of these attractions.

Homes and apartments in the Bay Area can cost more than $1 million per year, and hotels in San Diego are known for having high rents.