How to find a student residence near you

NEW YORK (AP) — When you’re a young adult living in a college town and you want to take your family to the movies, you might think you’ve got it made.

But for many international students, the options for housing near campus are limited.

A few years ago, the number of international students living in residential facilities on the U.S. mainland grew by about 2% annually, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reported.

Some of those students were already in the process of leaving the country.

That has left many students scrambling for housing and looking for ways to make the move.

For some, the search for a place to rent can take on a new urgency.

“I was looking to get a place near my place of work, but there weren’t that many apartments available, so I was looking for somewhere to rent in New York City,” said Yvonne Goh, a former English major who now works as a social worker in New Jersey.

“My friends told me about this online platform called RoomRent.

It’s a marketplace for international students who are looking to rent out apartments or homes in New Yorks.”

The site, which launched in March, connects users with prospective roommates who are interested in renting in New Yorkers.

It includes reviews and information about where to find homes.

The site is designed to appeal to international students because of its proximity to major cities.

RoomRent does not provide any rental information.

Instead, it relies on users to provide detailed information about the rental property, such as the number, type and type of rooms available.

The service is not available to students on a temporary visa, but it’s not a problem for some who may have to travel to the United States temporarily.

“I know people who have to leave their country and then come back, and they don’t really have the option of finding a place that’s suitable for them,” said Rachel Stegall, who teaches English in New Mexico.

“It’s frustrating, but not insurmountable.” currently has about 1,000 listings, including one for a two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit near Penn Station, a luxury condo at 10th and Park streets in Manhattan, and a three-bedroom apartment on East 57th Street in Manhattan.

Students who apply through the site will also be required to fill out a short questionnaire about their living situation.

The questionnaire asks about their income and job and about their relationship status, such, if they are married, separated, or living with a partner.

Students who sign up can also choose to receive notifications when the space is available, such a notification that a new roommate has been added to the site.

“We don’t actually have a list of homes available yet, but if you look at the apartment listings, it’s very easy to find apartments in the neighborhood,” Stegal said.

The website also offers a free online search function.

A search for the word “students” on the website brings up a map of apartments available for rent in the city.

RoomRental is currently only available to residents of the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, Austria, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Norway.

Students who do not live in the United Nations member countries can use the site to rent rooms in other cities.

In New York, it is still unclear how many rooms there are for rent on the site, or whether other countries are willing to help with housing costs.

For now, students are using the site for housing, but they have to get permission from landlords before they can move in.

If they do find a place, many international student homes are rented for $1,500 a month, but other housing options are available for a fraction of that.

Many student accommodations have air conditioning, air-conditioning and kitchenettes, while others have large communal living areas with shared bathrooms.

The rental prices for these accommodations vary, and it’s difficult to know if the price is a good deal or not.

“There are no easy answers,” said Jessica Hagg, a resident who is an international student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

“The most important thing for me to be able to afford is to get as much space as possible,” she said.

“I would prefer to be in a room that is comfortable to be on the floor, but the only way I know is to have a place where I can stay with my roommate.”