How to keep your housewarming expenses under control for an international student

It’s an uncomfortable truth that most international students in the US spend far more money on food than they do on accommodation, a fact that’s only getting worse as the number of international students continues to grow.

In fact, the average US international student spends $1,100 per year on food alone, and the cost of rent in a typical apartment is about $1.60 per square foot.

But in an effort to ease the financial burden for these international students, the Federal Reserve is planning to give the U.S. economy a big boost with its first-ever stimulus package.

The package includes a slew of tax breaks, loan guarantees, and other reliefs to help the economy grow.

One of the biggest provisions in the package will be a “golden visa” that would allow a person who is a U.N. resident or international student to stay in the U