The Trump administration is considering whether to cancel a plan to resettle at least 300,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S.

The Trump Administration is considering canceling a plan by the Trump administration to resettle refugees from the country, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

The proposal was announced last week by President Donald Trump, who said he would seek to cut down on the influx of Syrian refugees.

Trump has vowed to reduce the number of Syrian refugee admissions, and the White House has repeatedly said it would not resettle refugees who were resettled from the United States or those already here, and that it will do so in accordance with existing laws.

A senior administration source said the plan was a response to a new proposal by the Obama administration to expand the number and type of refugees allowed to enter the country.

The plan would also expand the refugee admissions from the U of A and other U.K.-based universities.

The administration official told The Hill that the Trump Administration “is exploring whether to pull the rug out from under” the Syrian refugee resettlement plan and would “explore options” to try to stop the plan.

The source also said that while the new administration would not be formally moving forward with the plan, it was still considering the matter.