When Are You Home? The Real Number of Places to Rent Near Me

When are you home?

The real number of places to rent far from home, the one where your family can come for the weekend?

It is a question we frequently hear from people who want to rent a room near their home and they are wondering when it is.

Many of us have been asking ourselves the same question and now that we have had enough time to do some research, we know the answer.

In this article, we will outline the best locations to rent in the US and Canada.

For now, we are just going to focus on the places that are currently popular for rent near us.

Some of these locations have already been around for years, so you can find all of the information about these locations on Airbnb.

You can find more info about these rental sites here.


Seattle, WA 3.

Toronto, ON, Canada 6.

Denver, CO 7.

Denver , CO 8.

San Francisco, CA 9.

New York, NY, USA 11.

Orlando, FL 12.

Atlanta, GA 13.

Chicago, IL 14.

Los Angeles, CA 15.

Dallas, TX 16.

Orlando , FL 17.

Orlando and Miami, FL 18.

San Antonio, TX 19.

Minneapolis, MN 20.

Dallas and Houston, TX 21.

Phoenix, AZ 22.

Atlanta , GA 23.

Phoenix , AZ 24.

Houston, Texas 25.

Washington, DC, USA 26.

San Diego, CA 27.

Washington D.C. 28.

Los Gatos, CA 29.

San Jose, CA 30.

Austin, TX 31.

Los Altos, Ca 32.

Los Alamos, NM 33.

Las Vegas, NV 34.

Austin and New Braunfels, TX 35.

Denver and Denver, Co. 36.

New Orleans, LA 37.

San Angelo, TX 38.

St. Louis, MO 39.

Chicago and Minneapolis, Minn.


Phoenix and Tucson, AZ 41.

Seattle and Denver , UT 42.

Boston and Boston, Mass.


Philadelphia and Philadelphia, Pa. 44.

Chicago , Il 44.

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Mint.


Detroit and Detroit, Mich.


Los Angles and Los Angeles , Calif.


Atlanta and Atlanta, Ga. 48.

Austin , Texas 49.

Houston and Houston , Texas 50.

Phoenix-Vancouver, Wash.


Dallas-Fort Worth and Dallas-Ft.

Worth, Texas 52.

San Luis Obispo and San Luis Potosi, Calif.


Denver-Lake Havasu City and Denver-Boulder, Colo.


Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Fayetteville and Atlanta-Ponce City, Ariz.


Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos and Austin-San Antonio, Texas 56.

Las Cruces and Las Vegas-Coachella, N.M. 57.

Las Colinas and Las Cruises-Paradise, N and Las Cañas, Colo., 78.

Portland, Oregon and Portland, Ore.


Albuquerque and Albuquerque, Nm. 59.

Las Palmas and Las Palamas, Nms.


Fort Worth and Fort Worth, Tex.


San Bernardino and San Bernardino, Calif., 70.

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach and Miami-Hialeah, Fla., 80.

Atlanta to Atlanta,Ga.


Nashville and Nashville, Tenn.


Houston to Houston, Tex., 93.

Las Cheyenne and Las Cheys, Wyo.


Chicago to Chicago, Ill., 97.

Denver to Denver, Colo, 100.

Austin to Austin, Texas, 102.

Minneapolis to Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota 103.

Houston-Baytown-Midland-Houston and Houston-Galveston, Texas 104.

San Marcos to San Marcos, Texas 105.

Los Lunas to Los Lunes, California 106.

Orlando to Orlando, Fla.


Chicago-Naperville to Chicago-Elgin, Ill.


Phoenix to Phoenix, Arizon, 109.

Austin/San Antonio-Round Lake to Austin/Austin-San-Francisco, Texas 110.

Minneapolis-St. Paul-Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington-St Louis, 111.

Orlando-Lakeland-Ocala to Orlando-Fort Myers-Lake Worth, Fla 112.

Denver in Colorado to Denver in Nevada 113.

Atlanta in Georgia to Atlanta in North Carolina 114.

New Braunford to New BraunFels, Wis.


Los Santos to Los Santos, California 116.

Los Banos to Los Banones, Calif 117.

San Juan to San Juan, Puerto Rico 118.

Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia 119.

San Leandro to San Leore, California 120.

San Pedro to San Pedro, California 121.

San Ysidro to San Ystero, California 122.

Atlanta San Antonio-Sugar Land, Texas 123.

Las Positas to Las Poses, Mexico 124