Why you’re paying so much for a long term stay

I was travelling around Australia with my partner and his partner, and they wanted to know the price of a long-term stay.

We didn’t have a room for a few weeks and decided to rent a room, because we didn’t want to risk missing out on our honeymoon.

We decided to stay for a week at a cheap rate because we wanted to see what it was like. 

A month later, we went to the motel to check the room rates. 

It was a good place to check and we went in with a decent price tag, because the room had a shower, a sink, and toilet.

The rooms were not fancy, but we got the best deal we could find.

We stayed there for two weeks, but it wasn’t until we booked a room that we realised we had overcharged the hotel.

The room had an alarm, but the alarm did not turn on after two hours.

We found out the hotel was charging us an extra $300 for each day we stayed there.

So we went back to the hotel with a bill that we couldn’t afford.

We’re not alone I was shocked when I found out that the room rate was $300 per day.

I have a large family of three, and we spend an average of $200 per week at home.

This kind of overcharging means we are not earning enough money.

We’re living in poverty and I want to make ends meet.

I also want to do something to make things right, so I took to social media to share my experience.

We’ve been going to the same hotel for six years, and our rooms are $1,200 each.

I want it fixed The hotel did not fix my room rate.

I had to pay the hotel directly.

I was told I would have to pay $200 for each room I stayed at the hotel, and it was $1 per day, but I was charged the $300 in room rate, and I had no idea that was how much the hotel had overpaid me.

I’ve also found out they don’t bother to check if a room is occupied, or if the alarm goes off. 

We’ve spent so much money over the past six years that we can barely pay our rent.

I’m hoping to make the best of the situation, but unfortunately I don’t have the means to pay my rent now.

I’ve been trying to pay rent for the past couple of years, but for now, it’s just too much.

I’d rather pay the room than the room bill, because I know that I won’t be able to afford a new room.