Which rooms are most popular in Australia?

The US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France are the most popular places to live in Australia, with the US leading the way.

And the US, as well as New Zealand and Australia, are home to a wide range of motels.

The biggest change in Australia is in the number of hotels, with Australia’s hotel industry now worth $10.7 trillion.

The industry is estimated to be worth $6 trillion, or just under $5 trillion of Australia’s gross domestic product, or roughly 1% of the nation’s gross national product.

The biggest hotel chains have also become big moneymakers in Australia.

The top three hotel chains in Australia are Hilton Hotels, Starwood Hotels and Perth Marriott.

Australia’s biggest hotel operators, according to the Australian Hotel and Lodging Association (AUDL), are Hilton, Starland and The Mandarin.

There are also big differences in the types of rooms people like to stay in.

Hotels in the US and UK are often smaller and have larger rooms.

Australia, on the other hand, has more of an urban setting, so there are a lot more rooms to choose from.

In the US the average size of a room is 3.7 sq ft, while in Australia it’s 2.8 sq ft.

That’s a big difference.

In terms of amenities, Australia is also more than half the world’s number one destination for vacation homes, according the Travel and Leisure Association of Australia.

Australians spend almost $10 billion per year on holiday homes.

The UK, on average, spends about $8,000 per person on a holiday.