New York City Student Housing for Rent

Homestay rentals for rent in the new Manhattan neighborhood where a group of activists have been fighting against gentrification are on the rise.

According to the New York Times, the new development, called the Ritz, will feature a dormitory, student apartments, retail, and a restaurant.

“Students can stay here for the duration of the semester and stay in this community for two years after graduation,” said the developer, The Ritz Group. 

Students will also be able to pay rent via a debit card at a rate of $100 a month, but it is unclear how long they will be able be in residence. 

The Ritz will be built at the corner of East 46th and East 59th streets in a neighborhood that has seen an increase in crime over the last several years. 

“We are here to fight against gentrifying and racist housing practices and the displacement of poor and working class communities,” said student organizer Emma Meeks, who has been involved in the campaign to keep the space open. 

There is also a dorm for women who want to live together in a more egalitarian space, and there is a student group for students who want their friends to live there. 

According to The Riz, it will also include a library, fitness center, and gym, and the building will have bike racks and bike parking. 

Meeks and the other activists, however, are concerned about the safety of the students and their families. 

“[We are] concerned about their safety, that they can’t stay in our community,” said Meeks. 

They also have concerns about the amount of work needed to renovate the dormitory and other buildings. 

One of the building’s most recent owners, The Metropolitan Group, recently said it plans to move to a new location in the Bronx. 

However, the activists want to keep building their movement to ensure that the city is taking a more aggressive stance on housing issues. 

Rachael K. Johnson is a staff writer at The New York Times.