New York’s new, bigger, cheaper student hotel will be cheaper

New York City’s most expensive hotel has been renamed after a woman who lived there for over 100 years, and will soon be open to all students.

The $1,800-a-night student room at the Hyatt Regency New York, which opened in 2016, will now be known as the Hyde Park.

It’s a little more than two years old, but the hotel’s new owner, Hyatt Worldwide Group, said the change was necessary to make it more attractive for students and locals.

Students and locals can book the room for $800 a night, while the Hyatts newest property, the $1.3 billion Hotel New York Times Square, will have the room’s entrance price set at $1 a night.

The Hyatt Times Square is a new location for the Hyatts New York hotel.

“This hotel is now a home to students, and we want it to be,” said Michael Leventhal, president of Hyatt.

“The Hyatt Group is committed to creating a welcoming, vibrant place for students to explore New York.”

The new hotel’s name is an homage to a young woman, who lived at the hotel from 1888 until her death in 1917, the Hyad reports.

The hotel’s original name was “Hyatt Park,” and its name has been shortened to the Hy-Dots.

“It’s important to us that this hotel is named after a real person,” said Robert M. McManus, president and CEO of Hyatts Worldwide.

“That’s why we have taken the name Hyatt.”

Students, meanwhile, can book for the same price as locals.

“Hyde Park will now open to students,” Leventha said.

The new hotel will include both an on-site dining area and a bar.

The company expects to open it later this year.

“Hyde park is an elegant place to dine, and it will be the first of its kind in the world,” he said.

The new Hyatt hotel will open in the spring of 2019.