Short-term hotel rates to rise for the next year

Short- and long-term hotels will see their rates rise in the coming months as part of the Government’s commitment to make sure all travellers get the best deal possible. 

The new long-stay hotel rate regime will go into effect in March and will see rates rise for those staying at properties within 2km of the Irish border, from €3,000 to €6,000.

The Government is also proposing to introduce a new long term rates scheme, which will see long- and short-term stays at properties outside the border of €7,000 and above, up to a maximum of five years.

In the meantime, travellers will have the option to stay at a hotel with a maximum stay of up to three months, while those staying with family or friends will be able to stay for up to four months.

The new rates scheme will see some of the biggest rises for hotel rooms on offer in Dublin. 

For example, the Dublin Hotel in the Irish capital, which has been offering a three-night stay, will see a rise of almost 20 per cent in the short term.

In contrast, the hotel in the capital city, the Hotel de Valence, will receive a 10 per cent increase. 

Long term rates will also see a 5 per cent rise, while the cheapest rates will go up by 5 per per cent.

For those staying on the mainland, the rate hike for the hotel will be a big one, with the hotel on the southern end of Dublin City having a rate hike of nearly 8 per cent, with a minimum stay of two weeks.

Hotels will also have to open their rates to people from outside the country. 

There are no limits on how long a stay can be, but there will be limits on when it can be extended.

There will also be an increase in the maximum rate for hotels. 

A maximum of two people can stay in a single hotel room at any one time. 

People staying with their families will be allowed to stay in the hotel for as long as two years. 

And while a hotel will no longer be able, for now, to book out overnight stays, the Government will allow hotels to book people out on short- or long-distance stays at the end of the day, in a similar fashion to how airlines book flights. 

This will also mean that those staying in the same room for the night can book a night out in a different hotel.

There are also plans to introduce some new measures to prevent people from booking their holiday for more than 30 days.

The government is introducing a system to prevent hotel bookings for more that 30 days, where the hotel must provide an independent source of income for the booking process. 

These measures will be rolled out in the spring.