“My friend is going to be an atheist and he said that I’m going to hate him.”

My friend is a Christian who was born and raised in a small town in North Carolina.

He had the privilege of having grown up with a religious family and he’s not ashamed of it.

In fact, he’s proud of it! 

He’s also been going to church every Sunday for the last five years and he still attends services, but he doesn’t really believe in God.

He says he has “a lot of questions” about faith and religion, but his family has always been supportive of his beliefs. 

My friend’s dad, however, was more than willing to make an exception to the rule. 

He was a devout Christian who didn’t really see why my friend couldn’t attend services.

So he asked if he could take a picture of me wearing a cross and share it on Facebook, which I agreed to. 

When my friend arrived home, he saw his dad and asked what he should do.

He explained that he was a Christian, but that he had some doubts.

He told him that he wasn’t sure whether the cross was real, or whether the image he saw was real. 

I asked him what he thought of the cross. 

“It’s scary,” he told me. 

As it turns out, I had asked him this question a few days earlier.

I hadn’t thought to ask about the image before I had gotten the photo.

I was curious as to how he felt about it. 

Later, I asked him to explain what it was he thought it was and he told my story. 

The photo he had taken of me was a composite of several different photos taken by other people.

The one I was wearing was a picture he had made himself, so he didn’t have any other images to work from.

I asked why he thought I was going to love him more for his cross than for any other thing. 

 “Because it’s a Christian cross,” he said. 

After this conversation, I felt a little uncomfortable about what my friend had done.

But then I remembered that he didn