Internation Student House: The coolest dorm in the Boston area

The coolest student house in the country is here!

The internation student home is located in the heart of Boston and offers a variety of lodging options for those who want to stay at home and work in the city.

Located in Boston’s West End, the house is open to students, staff, and their families from January through June.

The internment house offers all the comforts and conveniences of a dorm, including a kitchen, a private laundry, and an attached pool, which is a perfect spot for summer picnics, beach trips, and swimming.

In addition, the home also has two indoor and one outdoor swimming pools, a laundry room, and a kitchenette.

The home’s cozy interior is complemented by an inviting living room and a large patio.

The house offers both a kitchen and a living room with two beds, a couch, and even a large storage area.

If you need more room to breathe, the guesthouse also offers two bedrooms and a queen size bed.

The guesthouse is located at 1 South Harvard Street, Boston, MA 02115.

It is open daily from January 1 through June 30, 2018.

The property is also available for rent.

The address is 10 South Harvard St., Boston, Massachusetts 02115-5202.

Call or e-mail the home for more information.