A student from the Philippines’s homestays is running a running club

ROC students are getting creative as they compete for the title of fastest at home.

And they are finding it challenging.

The students, who come from all over the Philippines, are competing for the top spot on the running club’s leaderboard.

The top runners are expected to compete in two more weeks for the annual title, the Running Academy for the Home-schooled, according to the ROC.

The club organizes competitions and has an annual competition for runners who are interested in competing for this title.

The winner will receive a cash prize.ROC President Ernesto “Bong” Pernia said that the students have been practicing and practicing and they are looking forward to competing again.

Roc President Ernestos Pernias has been a strong advocate for home-schooling students in the Philippines.

His organization is dedicated to promoting the home-educated and their rights.

The ROC was founded in 1975.

It was founded to provide education, training and other services to students in public schools.

It has about 2,500 students and provides support services to about 1,600 of them, according a statement on the RIC website.