How to stay in your hotel room if you’re a new Yorker

New Yorkers should keep a book of hotels they can always call home, says the hotel industry group, which has a hotline number for residents.

The Hotels directory also lists many hotel properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn that can be rented to people of all ages.

But for those with special needs, there are options, from rooms in hotels for people with severe learning disabilities, to rooms in rental homes for those who need to use wheelchairs or are blind.

“Hotel guests who are looking for accommodation should visit the Hotels Directory to find accommodation that meets their needs, as well as to compare accommodation options and make sure that they are in the right place for their needs,” a Hotels website said.

“Hotel guest listings are updated regularly, so check back frequently to see if any changes are made.”

It can also be useful for people to make sure they’re staying at the right hotels for their specific needs.

If you’re not sure where to stay, check the list of rental homes to see which ones are open to all types of people.

The website also lists an app called that can help you find accommodations.