How to find a room to stay in your college dorm room

Room share is the newest trend in college dorm rooms.

The idea is that, by renting a room from a roommate, students can stay together and make new friends, without having to go through the hassle of living in a shared dorm room.

The problem is, it’s a risky venture.

For one thing, most roommates are not the best people to be roommates.

For another, the rules are not well-defined.

The rules also require students to live together, meaning that dorm room sharing is not for everyone.

Here’s how to find the best room to share a room with your college roommates: 1.

Find your room.

Students typically rent dorm rooms at a number of locations, and the dorm room itself is often not the main reason for sharing a room.

For example, if you rent a room at a hotel, you probably will share the room with one other student.

If you rent your room at an apartment, you might share the bathroom with a student, or share a shared kitchen with a few other people.

But even though you may share a bathroom, shared kitchen, and shared bathroom, it is not the place for your roommate.

If your roommate is new to the campus, you may want to consider finding a more intimate dorm, like a one-bedroom or shared dorm.

This room may not have the amenities that you might want.

If, however, you are looking for an alternative to the shared dorms, try a room shared by a friend or roommate.


Ask your roommate about his or her dorm room share rules.

If the room share is not a problem for you, it may be a good idea to ask your roommate if he or she is a member of the ROC (Renter of the Month Club) or other student groups.

ROCs are a student organization that has members from across the country.

You might be able to ask them if they are interested in sharing a dorm room with you.

ROG (Student Organization for Open Living) is a student group that works on a common goal, namely to increase awareness of living on campus.

RUG (Student Government Association) is an organization that works to increase the visibility of student life on campus and provide a safe environment for students to connect.

It’s a student-run organization, and members are allowed to have private events or clubs.

The ROG or RUG might be willing to help you with sharing a college dorm.


Find a roommate.

It may be tempting to try to share the dorm with a roommate you already know, or to find someone who is close to you.

But in most cases, the best option is to ask the room owner, the dorm manager, or the roommate’s roommate for the best available roommate.

You can ask these people if they will be willing, in principle, to share your room, and they will likely tell you the rules of the room.

In the best case, you can find a roommate who shares the room and will be a great addition to your life.

If that doesn’t work, ask a roommate to share and discuss the room for you.

If they’re interested, the roommate will probably be happy to share.


Ask for help.

If sharing a bed is a hassle for you and you are unsure if a room is the right one, you could ask your dorm’s resident counselor for help, especially if you are not comfortable sharing with a new roommate.

The resident counselor is typically the person who will help you find a dorm that works best for you as a roommate and as a student.

She or he will be able provide advice and support on how to make the best choices.


Contact the university.

The university may be willing and able to help.

It is important to ask for a roommate in the beginning.

You may need to have a roommate share a dorm, or your room might be considered unsuitable for a new student.

However, if the dorm is too large or the room shares too much space, the college may be able offer a room share with a specific roommate.

For instance, in a college with a small dorm, it might be a better idea to have one student share a common room with several students.

Students may also be interested in finding a room for a specific event, like the football game.

The college can also provide help with living arrangements and dorm accommodations.

For a list of services offered by the university, see this list of university resources.