‘We’re all friends’: Students at a student hostel say they are friends with everyone else

Students from one hostel in the Czech Republic have shared their stories of living in hostels and sharing a room with hundreds of other students.

The hostels in the city of Górno, which sits in the mountains of Czech Republic, have been popular with students who commute to other parts of the country.

The accommodation has become so popular, that hostels have begun renting rooms to students who are coming from other parts and don’t have the ability to afford the accommodation, local news site Radio Czecho reported.

Students from the hostels shared their experiences on the social media website Twitter, sharing their memories of the experiences.

They said that they shared a room in the hostel with about 50 other students who didn’t have a room to themselves.

“I was lucky that we had room for everybody and there were no guests.

We all had to share a bed,” one student, whose name has been withheld, told Radio Czepc.

Another said: “I was living in the dorms for five months.

It was a very lonely life, but it was all good.”

They said they would take a shower and get some food and drinks.

One student shared the moment that they were sharing a bathroom with about 80 other students in a room, as well as a bed in the other room.

“We slept on the floor.

We had a blanket on the bed, and it was very warm,” the student said.

Another shared their experience sharing a bed with a room of up to 20 other students, while another shared a sleeping bag on a mattress in the same room.

A student from the same hostel shared their shared experience of sharing a small sleeping bag with about a dozen other students and shared: “There was no one in the room but me.”

The student hostels’ owner, Radovan Czechko, told Czech TV station TV4: “Our guests are students who have left their hostels to move to our city to study.

They stay at our hostels because of their love for Czech culture.”

He said he wanted to help students who were in need.

“Our students are students, who can’t afford their hostel accommodation, but we’re here for them,” he said.

“I don’t want them to feel alone.”