The hottest hotel rooms in London are now cheaper

It may be summer, but you can still snag a bargain hotel room at one of London’s best attractions.

Here’s our list of the most affordable places to stay at.

The best of London is still out there.

Here are our picks for the best places to relax in London.

London is an amazing city.

There are so many things to do in the capital, it’s almost impossible to pick out a favourite.

If you’re looking for a place to chill, check out our picks of the best London hotels.


The Barbican London London’s Barbican, a former military base, is a place you will not want to miss.

The park is famous for its museums and art galleries, and has a large outdoor seating area.

The view is incredible and there’s also an abundance of bars and restaurants.


The Great Northern London’s Great Northern is an elegant London hotel that opened in 2013.

It has four levels, with the second level in the middle of the room.

The hotel also has a rooftop terrace and is located in the heart of the City of London.

The location is a perfect place for a romantic date, or even a few drinks.


The Royal Victoria London’s Royal Victoria is the city’s tallest hotel and was opened in 2014.

The building, which is also known as the Old Palace, has a number of rooms and features two fireplaces.


The Four Seasons London’s Four Seasons has four floors and offers rooms for up to 300 people.

The resort has a beautiful swimming pool, a restaurant, and is a fantastic way to relax after a long day in the city.


The Palace London’s Palace is a luxury hotel, which opened in 2017.

The Hotel is an absolute must-have for anyone looking for an exciting place to stay.

The four floors are available for 300 guests, with rooms ranging from 1,500 to 2,500 square metres.


The Sheraton London’s Sheraton, which has four locations in the UK, is the third tallest hotel in London and was built in 1926.

Its 4,000-square-metre hotel has rooms for 600 people.


The Old Globe Hotel London’s Old Globe opened in 2008.

The 18-storey tower has four stories and is the highest in London, at over 6,000 metres.


The Grand Hyatt London’s Grand Hyatts, a London landmark, was opened by British Prime Minister Harold Wilson in 1974.

The luxury hotel is now one of the tallest in Europe.


The St James’s Palace London has three towers, the Royal Palaces in the North, The Queen Mary and The Westminster.

The city’s most famous landmark is the famous Tower of London, which stands at 6,071 metres above sea level.


The Tower of Trafalgar London’s Tower of Westminster, which was completed in 1832, is London’s tallest structure.


The Victoria and Albert Museum London’s Victoria and Alberta Museum is the largest collection of art and antiquities in the world.

It is located at the heart.

The museum has more than 2,000 pieces of art, which are on display.


The New Palace London is the second-tallest building in London after the Tower of St James.

It was built by Sir William Dudley, the Duke of York’s brother and heir to the throne.


The Whitechapel Palace London also has its own tower, the Whitechampel.

The tower has seven floors and is one of three main skyscrapers in London’s skyline.


The Shard London’s Shard is the tallest building in the European capital.

It sits on the site of the former Queen’s Palace, and was completed on July 7, 2018.

It contains 656,000 square metres and has an observation deck with a view over the City and River Thames.


Hyde Park London’s Hyde Park is a popular tourist attraction, with its restaurants, shops, restaurants and cafes.

The area also hosts a number the arts festivals, such as the London Jazz Festival.


Hyde Gardens London’s beautiful Hyde Gardens, which also hosts the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, has four towers and was also designed by George Grosvenor.

The gardens are also home to the Royal Ballet.


The Globe London’s Globe is one the tallest buildings in London – it was completed by architect Albert Hooke in 1836.

It houses two floors, which have two bedrooms, and can be accessed from the ground floor.


The Pall Mall London’s Pall Mall, which can be reached from the south or west sides of Hyde Park, has three floors.

It offers spectacular views of the city, including the Shard, the Queen Elizabeth II Tower and the Tower Bridge.


The Ritz London’s Ritz, which includes an 11-storeys penthouse at its heart, is one among London’s most popular hotels.

It opened in 2007.