Homestay Busted In Boston For Allegedly Selling ‘Homestay’ to Homeless Men

Boston, Mass.

— A homestaying company has been busted for allegedly selling “homestays” to homeless men in Boston, Massachusetts. 

The Globe and the Boston Globe are reporting that an unnamed company that offers “homers” in the city of Boston has been fined $20,000. 

According to the Globe, the Globe reported that the company has since been shut down, but is still operating.

The Globe reported, “The Globe’s investigation into the ‘Homers’ website found that the site sells a variety of services, including accommodation, transportation, and housing to people in need.” 

The site says, “Homers are offered an intimate, secure, and comfortable place to stay in a community of like-minded individuals that is welcoming and hospitable to all, regardless of income or status.

It’s an ideal place for people who need to recharge after a long day or just want to relax and unwind.”

The company is reportedly owned by “a former employee of the company, but who asked not to be identified because he is not authorized to speak to the media.”

The Globe reported the company was founded in 1999 by a former Boston police officer. 

Homers is a program that provides temporary housing to homeless people, but in 2017 the Boston Herald said that “Homestays in Boston have been accused of housing illegal immigrants in conditions that have not been inspected by the city.” 

In 2018, the Guardian reported that a Boston man, Christopher Ochoa, “has been charged with selling out his home and paying $50 to homeless man living on the street for a year-long stay.”

Ochoa’s case came to light when the city said that he had failed to pay rent on the house he was living on for the previous year.