When renting a motel in Texas

Backhouse for Rent, a motel chain in the Houston area, is looking for a home to rent for a week.

The chain is looking to fill its rooms and is looking through a number of properties.

It’s also looking to hire local contractors.

The company wants to open a motel near a school.

We’ve got some vacancies and people are willing to work for less than they would pay to stay at a hotel, says Joe Graziano, vice president of Backhouse.

“We want to do everything we can to make sure that we’re not competing with any other chain, but also making sure that our employees are paid fairly,” he said.

“We don’t want people to be forced to compete with hotels for their own money.”

Backhouse also wants to make a point to keep its employees in Texas, even though it has about 20 locations in the state.

“There are some vacancies right now,” he says.

“But we’re looking to open new locations in other states in the near future.”

Backhouse has also applied for permits to open other motels in Texas.

The Houston-based chain recently announced it was adding another motel in Dallas.