Why is the hotel back in the back of my car?

The most expensive hotel in Sweden has been re-opened and its owners are hoping visitors will stay in the new hotel rather than renting it out.

The Landmark Hotel was sold to the Swedish company Lendlease for 1.8 million kronor ($3.2 million) last year.

It had been shuttered since October 2016 after the company failed to renew its lease on the property.

Now the Landmark is being re-opening to the public, as part of the “Sweden’s best gift” promotion, and its operators are hoping people will come and stay there.

“I think it will be very, very popular and we hope people will be interested in staying there,” Johan Lundin, the owner of the Landmarks hotel chain told Reuters.

Londlease is a Swedish property management company which owns more than 100 hotels in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

The company, which is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, said it would have no further comment at this time.

“We are in talks with Lendllease,” Lundin told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday.

Lendlease had no immediate comment on its plans to reopen the hotel.

It was not immediately clear when the Landroys hotel would be reopened to the general public.

The hotel has been a major tourist attraction since the 19th century and has been popular with backpackers and other travellers.

It was once the headquarters of the Danish government, which has since closed the building.

It closed in 2016 and now houses the offices of the Swedish government and a Swedish museum.