Why Airbnb hosts might be a better bet than hotel rooms

Hosting a foreigner at a motel, hotel room or hostel is cheaper than renting a room, but the odds are you’ll spend more than you earn.

That’s according to the new Airbnb UK research, which found Airbnb hosts could save money by hosting a foreign student.

Airbnb UK’s research found it would cost between £250 to £350 more to rent a hotel room, compared with staying at a hostel, compared to staying in a hostellery.

The research was based on a survey of 8,000 people, of whom 2,500 had Airbnb accounts.

It found hosts were less likely to pay full-price for a room than they were to pay for meals.

They were also more likely to ask for extra payments for cleaning and other services.

Hosting an international student in hostels was cheaper than staying at hostels The study found that the average hostel stay costs between £25 and £70, while a host hostel could expect to earn between £1,500 and £3,000 from hosts staying in hostel rooms.

Hostels could also expect to receive a £3.5m commission from hosts booking accommodation for a student, compared in the past to just £1.3m from hosting.

However, if hosts were looking for an alternative to a hotel, it was the hostel’s own costs which made it cheaper, the research found.

“Hosting an overseas student is generally cheaper than travelling to hostel and the average costs of a hostels stay in the UK is lower than the cost of accommodation in hostles,” Airbnb UK chief executive Simon Wood said.

“This means that hostels have a real advantage over hostels in terms of the host’s own operating costs.”

It also means that hosting an overseas guest at a hotel or hostels is usually cheaper than living in hostleries and hostels, as the host may be able to afford a cheaper hostel room, which will cost less to maintain.

“Airbnb’s research shows a host is more likely than a hotel to ask hosts to share their accommodation costs